How to tow Garbage bins

How to tow Garbage bins

There is no getting around trash. Sure, you can reduce, reuse, and recycle as much as possible, but you’ll still have to fill up the trash can every now and then.

So, what is the most efficient way to transport your full waste can to the dump for pickup?

Of course, it’s a dreadful task for most of us, not to mention that the snowy, slick conditions make the job even more difficult.

Trash can handling, on the other hand, does not have to be unsightly or filthy. We guarantee…

Here’s how to tow garbage cans to the road quickly and easily, no matter how unpleasant the weather makes the task.

How to tow Garbage bins

These simple solutions make towing your fully loaded vehicle to the designated pick-up location easier, safer, and faster.

1. Install Garbage Can Hooks

With these simple hook-and-go trash can transportation accessories, you can say goodbye to all the strain and hassle of wrestling with a heavy garbage can.

The innovative 200 lbs. weight capacity garbage hooks, designed to haul larger 96 and 64-gallon wheeled trash containers, will greatly simplify your trash-day routine.

What’s the best part?

They’re useful for almost everyone because they attach and detach in seconds to any car, golf cart, truck, ATV, or other vehicle with a standard 2″ receiver hitch.

2. Attach a Single-Can Garbage Hauling Hitch to your truck, tractor, passenger car, or all-terrain vehicle.

This garbage hauling hitch eliminates the need to worry about your trash can tipping over during transport; simply attach it with the quick-release PTO clip and fly down your driveway with the full trash can in tow!

A swiveling top rail allows cans to trail around bends without binding, making garbage hauling smooth and trouble-free even down winding driveways or windy steep mountain roads.

This requires a 2″ receiver base and works flawlessly on grass, uneven pavement, gravel, and even mud or snow.

Bottom-line? This handy piece of equipment has the potential to completely change the game.

Depending on your needs, you can choose its cousin, the Dual Can Garbage Hauling Hitch.

3. Attach the TIBI-TOW Garbage Can Towing Device to the back of the vehicle.

Nothing is worse than causing damage to your vehicle while dragging a large garbage can down the driveway behind a poorly constructed DIY garbage can hauling device- remember, some of us are not mechanically inclined.

The TIBI-TOW Garbage Can Towing device solves this problem because it is made of high-quality leather and will not damage the vehicle.

The device is extremely durable due to the stiff steel reinforcement, and the tough steel hooks increase its pulling strength, allowing it to tow even large and heavily-loaded trash bins without breaking a sweat.

The device is also extremely simple to use- simply close and latch the vehicle trunk over the two leather straps (which remain inside the car) and Voila!

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4. Use the Tow a Bin garbage can hauling device.

The tow-a-bin, a deceptively simple-looking but well-thought-out bracket for towing fully loaded trashcans to the nearest pick-up center, is another innovative garbage can hauling device we find useful.

The device firmly holds your bin’s lid in place, preventing it from opening and spilling the yucky contents all over the place.

It’s as simple as 1-2-3 to use, and yes, it can connect bins when you want to tow two or three bins at the same time—all you need is a tow-a-bin for each bin.

Furthermore, your vehicle does not need a hitch to tow the garbage bin with the help of the tow-a-bin; the bracket can be easily attached to the trunk or rear door of any car/SUV.

To avoid blemishes on your vehicle, use self-stick felt protection where the accessory comes into contact with the paint.

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5. Tow a tough dumpster dolly

Another viable workaround is Tow Tuff’s Dumpster Dolly.

The product enables you to quickly hook your garbage can or recycling can to the back of your car for easier dumpster transportation down your driveway.

To clarify, the dolly fits over a 2″ ball and allows you to adjust the height from around 13″ to around 21″ depending on what you’re towing- ATV, UTV, truck, or SUV.

Furthermore, the ball plate adjusts by about 2.5”, giving you more mounting options.

It, like the others, can tow one or two waste bins to the pick-up area at a time.

Keep in mind that it can only hold 200 pounds.

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6. Try the Cansporter – it lifts rather than drags.

The Cansporter is distinct from the other tricks listed in this guide on how to tow garbage cans because it does not drag on the ground.

Instead, the garbage bin is hoisted above the ground and lifted and latched in place for easy transport to the central pick-up location.

The good news is that it can be adjusted to fit almost any vehicle with a standard 2′′ trailer hitch receiver, including UTV/ATVs, trucks, golf carts, and SUVs, as long as it is raised higher than normal.

It typically carries one or two bins, but if you need to haul four bins, the cansporter can handle it- simply attach an extra dual carrier to the car’s front hitch and you’re done!

Because your garbage bin isn’t going to smell like roses, this is a true lifesaver when it comes to keeping stinky odors at bay – the foul-smelling bin stays outside and you stay inside your vehicle.

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So, to summarize? This will handle all of the heavy lifting when it comes to the dreaded task of transporting trash to the most convenient waste management pickup location.

To connect this to most ATVs and UTVs, a hitch extension is required.

With these useful and tried-and-true gadgets, you can avoid the hassle of lugging your garbage can up and down the driveway!

Of course, they are not all designed the same way, but they all assist you in completing the task in a less painful manner.

Choose the one that is most appropriate for your needs and make your scheduled trip down the street a lot easier and safer.


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