Pull Behind Fence Line Mower Buying Guide

Pull Behind Fence Line Mower Buying Guide

A well-kept lawn or ranch with a weedy fence isn’t as appealing as it could be. Trimming your fence line not only adds to the visual appeal of your farm, but it also ensures that you have easy access to the fence during repairs, extending the life of your fence.

Building a new fence is a costly investment, so something that extends its life is a successful investment hence the need for this Pull Behind Fence Line Mower Buying Guide.
For flat, level ground with no obstacles, your standard lawnmower can suffice.

Fence Line Mower

However, not every part of your lawn will be level or free of obstacles. To give your yard or ranch an even cleaner shave, you’ll need to clean up after your regular mower with a pull behind fence line mower.

With a pull behind fence line mower, you can clean up along walls, fences, ditches, under trees, and other places that your standard lawnmower can’t handle, giving your yard or ranch a smooth finish. You’ll need to know some of the available options in the market and how they vary from one another before deciding on the best pull behind fence line mower for your needs.

This article addresses the different types of pull behind fence line mowers available on the market, as well as their suitability depending on the manufacturer. Keep reading to find out more.

Pull Behind Fence Line Mower Buying Guide 

Dr 7.25 All-Terrain Tow-Behind Trimmer

You may use this tow behind fence trimmer to effectively trim weed and grass growth under fences, along walls, and on roadside verges. It’s a powerful all-terrain tow behind trimmer that can also double as an ATV fence line mower. The pin hitch on the DR7.25 lawn mower can also be used to connect it to your garden tractor.

You can use any of the three angle hitches available when attaching it, depending on which side you want to offset, or tow it in line with your mover for normal mowing. It’s also suitable for daily mowing because of this. The mower has over five times the capacity of a conventional handheld trimmer and can quickly clear tall grass and thicker weeds with minimal effort.

The following are some of the most notable features of the DR 7.25 All-Terrain Tow-Behind Trimmer:

• quick-lock trimmer head- the DR7 comes with a new quick-lock trimmer head.

The replacement of the cutting cord is simple and convenient with the 25 pull behind fence line mower. Simply slide the chord into place, and it will automatically lock into place.

• Heavy-duty DR trimmer line- The DR7.25 tow-behind fence trimmer uses a DR trimmer cord as the cutting blade, which is safer than steel blade mowers. It’s great for grass and weeds that aren’t too thick.

• Briggs & Stratton 725 Series engine- The Briggs & Stratton 725 Series engine is simple to start and reliable, and it powers the line trimmer.

• Spring-loaded trimmer head- This trimmer head deflects easily around trees and other obstacles, allowing for a near cut around fence posts, rocks, and trees.

Wright Fence Mowers

Regardless of the presence of fence line undergrowth, the wright fence line trimmer tow-behind mower takes the hard work out of fence line trimming. The wright fence tow behind fence line mower, in addition to cutting tough grasses and weeds, also effectively cuts small shrubs and unwanted small trees that can grow under your fence line, thanks to its strong steel blades driven by your tractor’s PTO.

The following are some of the benefits of using a wright fence pull behind fence line mower.

• Mounting and control- The mower is driven by your tractor’s PTO and can be mounted on any tractor with a regular three-point hitch. As a result, it cannot be pulled by an ATV.

• Retractable swing arm- a swing arm on the tractor’s right side pushes the mower’s deck forward as the mower pushes into an obstacle. A post, for example, moves back into place as soon as the mower passes over the obstacle. The mower can cut within half an inch of the obstacle thanks to this mechanism.

• Interchangeable blades- the mower comes with a regular grass blade that can be removed and replaced depending on the type of vegetation you’re dealing with. Because even a tree as thin as 1.5 inches will trigger the swingarm, the mower operator can have to back over small trees to cut them.

Depending on the wheelbase of your tractor, there are two types of write fence mowers: the FM 30 and the FM 60. The FM 30 is suitable for tractors with a wheelbase of 48 to 66 inches, while the FM 60 is suitable for tractors with a wheelbase of 68 to 92 inches.

Fs Swisher Postmaster 22″ 6.75hp Pull Behind Atv Mower/Trimmer

This mower is fitted with a simple light, making it ideal for use as an ATV fence line mower. It’s even possible to mount it on a truck. It weighs 227.0 pounds and has a cutting distance of 22 inches. It’s perfect for mowing grass and weeds along your fence line that aren’t too rough.

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The mower’s cutting blade is made of heavy-duty 0.255-inch trimmer thread, which is much stronger than steel blades. The mower may not be suitable for daily yard mowing due to its narrow cutting distance, but it is ideal for finishing fence lines. Here are some of its most distinctive characteristics.

• It’s self-driven: the mower is powered by a 6.75 horsepower Briggs Debris Sheil motor, making it suitable for use on an ATV.

• Foldable for transportation convenience- this ATV fence line mower has a pivot that allows it to quickly fold into a travel position, making it very simple to transport.

• Spring-loaded trimmer deck- the pull behind fence line features a spring-loaded trimmer deck that enables the mower to cut close to and around the post.

• Cutting blades can be easily replaced without the use of any hardware.

• Cutting shield that rotates 360 degrees for added protection

• With its radial tapered wheels, the trimmer height can be modified.

• A right or left adjustable hitch that allows you to trim on both sides

Last Thoughts

This list isn’t the only thing to think about while looking for a pull behind fence line mower. It’s best to use it as a reference, but you might also look at other market items. It does, however, illustrate some of the best choices on the market that you should consider.

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There is never a one-size-fits-all pull behind fence line mower for porpoises. Several factors can influence your decision to use a tow behind fence line mower:

• The size of your home or business

• The financial state

• The topography of your property

• The weeds and grasses that are present.

• The equipment’s long-term sustainability

• Guarantee

• Towing equipment is available.

• Operational expenses

• Accessibility

• Ease of use

There are other options for fence line mowers that can be pulled behind the fence. If you have a small yard and a limited budget, a walk-behind string trimmer is a good option. They are suitable for small yards and are less expensive. Alternatively, you can keep your fence clean by spraying herbicides around it. This choice, however, has a number of drawbacks because most chemicals contain contaminants that can be harmful to the environment, contaminate your ranch, and affect your livestock if you have any.

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Safety Precautions

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