How to prevent your car from being towed

How to prevent your car from being towed

Someone towing away your car isn't a good thing. It means that it's against your wish, whether it's legal or illegal. How then can you prevent your car from being towed?

Towing your car after a breakdown is a different aspect altogether, but a tow for your perfectly functioning car can be distressing.

Selected agencies in the government have the right to tow your car for the right reasons. Car thieves can also tow your car if they can't drive it away, for instance, when you have security features like a Brake Pedal Lock.

Reasons Why Cars are towed

Outstanding Violations

 The police can be searching for your car for summons you ignore. Maybe you haven’t paid some outstanding parking fees, or you some speeding tickets. They are obliged to tow your car whenever they find it. It’s prudent to clear such violations rather than find your car towed.

If the police also have a report that your car is missing/stolen. If you find it is in your best interest that you notify the authorities before you find your car in their tow yard.

Expired Registration and License

Forgetting is part of life. You might use the car while with your non-renewed license or registration. The authorities will tow your car without hesitation until you renew your license and registration.

Make sure to set reminders in your planner to make sure you don't forget to renew at any given time. It might seem a meager issue, but it will not be a small issue anymore when you forget.

Parking on the Wrong Spot

When in a new neighborhood, be keen when parking in unlabeled or an ambiguously labeled spot. Some spots might be a reserve, or you might be in a hurry to notice. Parking on private property would also lead you into trouble.

Some parking spots might be reserved for VIPs or people living with disabilities. Make sure to leave your car in a space where you are sure it's legal.

How to Prevent Your Car from being towed

You should keep your car in its optimum condition to prevent breaking down or being involved in preventable accidents. However, some situations are non-avoidable. It is prudent to prepare your car before towing it to safety. Beware that the police will tow it away if it is causing inconvenience to other motorists.

Be Vigilant

Make sure you organize for a tow as soon as possible if the car can’t move safely. It is way cheaper to organize for a tow yourself than have the police organize a tow for you in your absence.

Suppose the police determine that your car's position causes inconvenience to other motorists or poses a danger in most states. In that case, they will organize a tow with a private towing company. You will pay whatever amount the tow company asks for and, on top, pay impounding fees to the government.

Make sure to organize for the tow soonest possible (in less than 24 hours).

Move the car off the road

The moment your car breaks down, move it off the road for the convenience of other motorists.

There should be a pace to do this like a breakdown lane, parking space, or a shoulder; make sure it’s entirely off the road.

Blocking other motorists or posing a danger for accidents could lead the police to tow your car.

If your car stalled entirely and you can't get it to the safe spot, call for help from a friend or 911 for emergency rescue.

Otherwise, leaving your car unattended for more than 24 hours can attract hefty fines and towing fees. You have an allowance of at most 48 hours to tow your car off the roadside.

Immediately Contact Roadside Assistance

Make sure to notify your roadside assistance company immediately for a quick response. Your roadside assistance might be your insurance or towing company.

The emergency roadside assistance these days covers most of the services you need at this point, like jumpstarting, towing, or gas delivery. Your roadside assistance company could sort you out in a couple of hours, zeroing the chances of being impounded.

If the breakdown issue needs specialized expertise and cannot be cleared immediately, a tow is irresistible.

Subscription to emergency roadside assistance is vital for situations like this. The assistance company can rescue you in instances when you need it most. It comes with a subscription fee, most probably yearly. Most insurance companies add this to your cover at your request.

It’s, therefore, prudent to compare insurance quotes when subscribing to one. Such subscriptions could be instrumental in rescue situations even in the dead of night.

Any Other Options?

Some can argue that you can stop a tow by using wheel locks, wheel clamps, and so on. However, I don't think so since tow trucks have the equipment meant to hack all that. Tow trucks are fully equipped with varying features such as cranes, hand jacks, floor jacks, winches, dollies, and the like depending on the customization. This sort of equipment will lift your car and tow despite any locks.

Someone might also think that towing a vehicle with someone inside it is illegal. They will refuse to exit the car to stop a tow. This idea from all angles is unadvisable. If the police sent the towing company, you could quickly be arrested for hindering the law from taking its course. The only way to stop this is by talking to the police.

How then do you make it impossible to get towed?

If they can’t see it, they can’t tow it. The only sure way to keep your car from towing by the police or any other person is by hiding it away in a private garage, or anywhere no one can see it. It will also be a hustle to break into a substantial room for flimsy reasons to tow your car. Keep your car safe and healthy from towing.

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