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How do you break a club steering wheel lock

Q & A How do you break a club steering wheel lock?

Just like any other locks, there is always a way to beat them. The most common way to beat a club steering lock is by cutting out the steering wheel. Most people, however, won’t choose this option when they lose their keys. How else then do you break a club steering wheel lock?

Club steering locks come in handy as a deterrent to car thieves. It’s not entirely unbreakable, but it could help in discouraging an attempt. The thief doesn’t want to take their chances of being caught in the act of breaking the steering lock.

How do you beat a club steering wheel lock?

This guide is recommended for people who lose their keys and not car thieves. The club steering lock has one weak point, and that is the lock itself.

The lock is difficult to pick. If you try picking the lock, you might need an eon.

There is no safer way to hack the club steering lock other than to destroy the lock. Drill the lock from the keyhole until a hole is created. The lock is destroyed, but the lock will automatically unlock. Metal filings will fly all over, so you need to have a mask so that you won’t hurt your eyes.


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