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Brake Pedal Lock Review

I won’t promise you that a brake pedal lock will stop your car from being stolen, but I will assure you that acquiring one will reduce the possibility to a great extent. Check out this brake pedal lock review with various types of locks. Because we care, we bring you this Brake Pedal Lock Review to make You car security aware.

Car antitheft technologies are best used to supplement each other. The more security features you use for you’re the lower the probability of losing your car.

Brake pedal locks are one of the effective ways in ensuring that you don’t lose your car.

Brake pedal locks are not full theft-proof. However, they surely will give the culprit a hard time. They will also buy you more time to catch the culprit red-handed’ which is what car thieves fear most.

Second Layer of Security

A car’s brake pedal lock is a secondary layer of security for your car after the thief has gained access. The culprit will then discover that they are in for another challenge. The brake pedal lock makes sure that the breaks can’t work as usual.

The brake pedal lock makes the car impossible to move unless it is broken or unlocked. This gives the thief a hard time. Stealing your car shouldn’t be a walk in the park. Give the thief a challenge which they will either be wary of being caught in the act.

A thief’s psychology is that they get away as fast as possible especially from the point where the car is initially parked. The thief also doesn't know how far you are from coming back. Most of them will, therefore, leave the car immediately they notice you have installed a brake pedal lock.

However, there are those other organized criminals who could follow you around to know your location every moment when they intend to strike. If they don’t know that you have installed a brake pedal lock, they will still have a challenge stealing your car. If they know your car too well already, they will still have to break the brake pedal lock which becomes an additional challenge; which is our ultimate goal.

Types of Brake Pedal Locks

a) Car Antitheft Unbreakable Auto-lock Brake Lock

Car Antitheft Unbreakable Auto-lock Brake Lock

Car Antitheft Unbreakable Auto-lock Brake Lock

The unbreakable brake pedal lock is one of its kind. Most brake lock pedals are low cost but breakable.

The unbreakable brake pedal lock is conspicuous and visible from far to deter thieves from even fantasizing about stealing your car. It's simply unbreakable; unless you are superman to drive a brakes-free car.

The car becomes completely inoperable and that’s how thieves were defeated.

One seller of such a lock known as Auto-zone gives a $2500 guarantee that thieves won’t break your lock.

The seller says that the lock has a bright color to deter thieves from even dreaming of stealing your car. The lock also fits all cars.

The lock is made of steel which is one of the strongest metals in the world the likes that build skyscrapers and bridges.

This lock can also be attached to the clutch or gas pedal and still work as effectively.

b) Car Antitheft Breakable Locks

Brake Pedal Lock Review 2

Brake Pedal Lock Review 2

Being breakable doesn't mean it is a walkover. No, they will still be effective in deterring thieves and come at cheaper prices.

Many thieves will often abort their mission once they see any pedal locks of any kind. These pedal locks often give them hell since they don’t know the material used and how to break it.

For organized criminals carrying sophisticated cutting equipment, they are also wary of being caught in the act.

c) The Club Pedal to Steering Lock

car antitheft Pedal to Steering Lock

car antitheft Pedal to Steering Lock

This steering wheel to brake pedal lock is also fantastic. You only need to attach one of its ends to the steering wheel while the other end on one of the pedals; either the clutch or brakes.

Some might say that the car can move without the clutch but I don’t think so. Besides, the steering is also locked which limits moving the vehicle effectively to a large extent.

The device is easy to install and uninstall. It takes you less than a minute to attach and detach even when in a hurry.

The device comes with a key used to lock and unlock both ends. You should keep your key safe to ensure that no ill-motived individuals access and duplicate it.

This lock requires customization of size since it is not a universal size. Every car requires its model type.

You can rest assured that this steering wheel and brake pedal lock will secure your car.

d) Double Hook Brake, Clutch, and Steering Lock

This is another awesome option. It will lock at least two pedals plus the steering wheel. This makes breaking the lock a lot more difficult.

Getting this lock will make your car undesirable by thieves.

You need to attach one end of the lock to the steering wheel while the other to the pedals. This means that in automatic transmission cars you have locked all the pedals used for driving.

Brake Pedal Lock Pros

  • Secondary layer security for your car
  • Most anti-theft brake pedal locks are affordable
  • Some are collapsible/Easy to carry
  • Can also be attached to the gas or clutch pedal
  • Easy to install
  • The awkward crouching below the pedal area makes it equally hard for the thief to tamper with the lock

Brake Pedal Lock Cons

  • Awkward to fit since it requires crouching below the brake pedal area to install
  • Some can be broken using sophisticated cutting equipment like drills

Do Not Buy Feeble Brake Pedal Locks

Weak brake pedal locks can be the reason why your car gave in to theft. Some locks can be cut using a hack saw which makes your car vulnerable.

The aim is to give the thief the hardest time possible. You can’t allow thieves to just hack your lock like swallowing yams (easily).

Make sure the car brake pedal lock you install is reliable and you can rest assured that thieves will be discouraged to try it another day.

Clutch and brake pedal lock

The more pedals you lock in the car the better. Locking both the clutch and brake pedals means that you are twice as safe from car theft.

For automatic transmission cars, one can lock both the brakes and the gas pedal. Ensure to install the lock properly for it to work as intended.

Most brake pedal locks for cars will often be enough but if one can also lock the gas or the clutch the better.

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